Zortrax Inkspire 2

Zortrax Inkspire 2: Your Gateway to Advanced Engineering Resins

The Inkspire 2 boasts outstanding compatibility with a wide range of advanced engineering resins, including those previously exclusive to DLP 3D printers. Collaborating with renowned brands like Henkel/Loctite and BASF Forward AM, Zortrax ensures that the printed parts’ properties with their best-performing resins match or even exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. This unmatched conformity is achieved through a rigorous two-stage validation process. First, Zortrax tests 3D printed models in-house, and then the resin manufacturers independently evaluate them using pre-production Inkspire 2 units sent to their laboratories. The validation process extends across the entire Zortrax resin 3D printing ecosystem, utilizing the Zortrax Cleaning Station and Zortrax Curing Station.

Innovative Industrial-Grade Proprietary Light Engine

Developed in-house from the ground up, the Inkspire 2’s light engine represents a significant leap in resin 3D printing technology. Zortrax engineers designed a cutting-edge array of UV diodes, illuminating a monochromatic screen to ensure uniform UV exposure across the large build platform, maintaining unparalleled precision. The result is a consistent and outstanding quality for resin 3D models, regardless of their position on the build platform. The new light engine boasts seven times more power than a standard UV LCD screen, rendering the Zortrax Inkspire 2 compatible with a carefully selected range of DLP resins.

Simplified Resin 3D Printing with Clever Automation

The Inkspire 2 streamlines the entire resin 3D printing process through cleverly implemented automation in its key components, making working with photopolymer resins easier than ever before.

Intelligent and User-Friendly Smart Build Platform

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Inkspire 2’s build platform simplifies tasks such as removing resin 3D prints and managing leftover resin. The platform is easily attachable and comes factory-calibrated, ensuring the Inkspire 2 is ready for immediate use out of the box.

Efficient Resin Management System

The Inkspire 2 3D printer employs an intelligent resin management system that accurately determines the required amount of resin to complete the printing process. Three separate components work in harmony to ensure a smooth and efficient resin utilization process.

Practical Resin Vat for Seamless Printing

The Inkspire 2 features a highly practical resin vat that addresses common issues faced by users of resin 3D printers. The vat can be easily installed and detached, while the curved corners facilitate effortless cleaning. Additionally, an automatic wiper efficiently deals with sedimentation in more complex resins, ensuring a simple yet effective design.

Uninterrupted Printing with Built-in Blackout Response

Say goodbye to failed 3D prints caused by power blackouts. Just like Zortrax M Series Plus 3D printers, the Inkspire 2 is equipped with a reliable blackout response system. These machines always retain enough energy to save the printing progress when a power outage occurs. Once power is restored, 3D printing resumes seamlessly from where it left off, saving you time, resin, and frustration.

With the Inkspire 2, Zortrax continues to push the boundaries of resin 3D printing technology, providing a powerful and user-friendly solution for professionals seeking exceptional results. Experience the future of resin 3D printing today.

Zortrax Inkspire 2 Features





Zortrax Inkspire 2


Build volume
192 x 120 x 280 mm (7.56 x 4.72 x 11.02 in)
pre-calibrated during quality control; immediately ready for 3D printing
Operating system
4” IPS 800 x 480′
External materials
Supported formats


Software bundle
Supported file types
.stl, .obj, .3mf, .dxf (only 2D models), .ply
Supported operating systems
Mac OS Mojave and newer versions / Windows 7 and newer versions


Ambient operation temperature
20-40 °C
Storage temperature
0-35 °C


Pixel size
50 μm
Layer thickness
25, 50, 100 μm
LCD screen
8.9′′ monochrome
Light source
integrated LED panel (wavelength 405 nm), ensuring even light distribution across the entire platform
mechanically removed – printed with the same material as the model


AC input
100-240 V AC 6.2 A 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption
340 W

In the box

Zortrax Inkspire 2, UV Resin, Bottle Holder, FEP Film (set), Wiper Set, Resin Sensor Set, Starter Kit
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