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At 2B Digital, we take immense pride in collaborating with industry-leading partners to provide cutting-edge 3D solutions that drive innovation and elevate businesses to new heights. Through strategic partnerships with renowned companies like Shining 3D, HEXAGON, Zortrax, and Sinterit, we ensure our clients have access to the most advanced and reliable 3D scanners, software, and printers available in the market.

Shining 3D: Revolutionizing 3D Scanning Technology

Shining 3D stands at the forefront of 3D scanning technology, offering state-of-the-art solutions that redefine precision and efficiency. Their comprehensive range of 3D scanners caters to various industries, from manufacturing and engineering to healthcare and education. We are proud to resell Shining 3D’s cutting-edge scanners, enabling our clients to capture intricate details and create accurate digital models with ease. With Shining 3D’s innovative scanners, businesses can streamline their workflows, enhance quality control, and accelerate product development, all while exploring new possibilities in the realm of 3D scanning.

HEXAGON: Empowering Excellence with Advanced Software

Our partnership with HEXAGON enables us to offer top-tier software solutions designed to optimize 3D scanning and metrology processes. HEXAGON’s software suite empowers businesses to analyze, visualize, and manipulate 3D data with unparalleled precision and efficiency. From CAD/CAM to metrology software, HEXAGON’s solutions streamline workflows, enhance data accuracy, and facilitate seamless integration with other 3D technologies. With HEXAGON’s powerful software at their disposal, our clients can gain deeper insights, make informed decisions, and achieve excellence in their 3D applications.

Zortrax: Delivering Reliable and Professional 3D Printers

As a trusted reseller of Zortrax, we proudly offer a diverse range of 3D printers that excel in reliability, quality, and ease of use. Zortrax’s printers are renowned for their industrial-grade performance, making them the preferred choice for professional 3D printing applications. Whether it’s rapid prototyping, small-batch production, or intricate design realization, Zortrax printers deliver outstanding results, with precision and consistency. Our partnership with Zortrax allows us to equip our clients with reliable 3D printing solutions that redefine productivity and push the boundaries of creative expression.

Sinterit: Redefining Additive Manufacturing

Sinterit represents the forefront of selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, offering high-quality 3D printing solutions that revolutionize the additive manufacturing landscape. With their exceptional SLS 3D printers, Sinterit empowers businesses to create complex, functional, and durable parts, all with the flexibility of a desktop-sized system. By reselling Sinterit’s groundbreaking printers, we enable our clients to explore the full potential of SLS technology, opening doors to new applications in automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and beyond. Sinterit’s dedication to innovation aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing clients with advanced, future-ready 3D solutions.

Empowering Your Success through Innovation

At 2B Digital, our partnerships with Shining 3D, HEXAGON, Zortrax, and Sinterit reflect our dedication to empowering businesses with the latest advancements in 3D technology. We believe that success comes from embracing innovation, and with our esteemed partners, we equip our clients with the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition.

With our expert team of professionals, we provide comprehensive support, from consultation to implementation, ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions that address their unique needs and objectives. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond product offerings; we foster long-lasting relationships by providing continuous technical support and training to maximize the potential of our partners’ technologies.

Partnering with us means gaining access to a world of 3D possibilities. Whether you are in manufacturing, architecture, healthcare, or any other industry, our partnerships with Shining 3D, HEXAGON, Zortrax, and Sinterit promise to redefine the way you approach 3D scanning, software, and printing. Let us be your guide as you embark on a journey of innovation and excellence with the most reliable and advanced 3D solutions available.

Experience the Future of 3D Technology with 2B Digital

Join us in harnessing the transformative power of 3D technology. Discover how our partnerships with Shining 3D, HEXAGON, Zortrax, and Sinterit can elevate your business to new heights. Experience the future of 3D technology with 2B Digital as your trusted partner. Contact us today to embark on a journey of innovation and success together.

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