High accuracy & High Precision
High accuracy & High Precision

Freescan UE

Freescan UE
Freescan UE Pro
Freescan UE Pro

Unparalleled Precision and Accuracy

Experience the epitome of precision and accuracy with FreeScan UE, the latest addition to the renowned FreeScan series of blue laser handheld 3D scanners. Building on the iconic traits of “high accuracy” and “high precision,” this cutting-edge scanner sets new standards in metrology-grade inspection solutions. Whether you’re in the automotive, transportation, aerospace, molding, energy, or machinery manufacturing industry, FreeScan UE delivers unparalleled accuracy to meet your most demanding needs.

Metrology-Class High Accuracy: A Game Changer

Discover a new level of accuracy with FreeScan UE, boasting an exceptional accuracy of up to 0.02mm, accompanied by an impressive volumetric accuracy of 0.02mm+0.04mm/m. No detail goes unnoticed, making it a reliable tool for precise measurements in even the most intricate scenarios. Its metrology-class precision ensures that your scans are of the highest quality, providing you with the confidence to tackle critical inspection tasks with ease.

Reliability You Can Trust

When consistency matters, FreeScan UE proves its worth. With stability in repetitive measurements, this handheld 3D scanner consistently delivers reliable results. Whether you’re conducting multiple scans of the same workpiece or comparing scans over time, FreeScan UE’s reliability ensures that your inspection processes remain accurate and dependable. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace a new level of confidence in your scanning endeavors.

Portability Redefined

Designed for ease of use, FreeScan UE is incredibly lightweight, tipping the scales at only 750g. This ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to perform handheld scanning with minimal fatigue, even during prolonged work sessions. Its portability makes it a go-to choice for professionals who value both precision and convenience. Take FreeScan UE wherever your projects lead you and experience scanning freedom like never before.

Versatility Across Materials

FreeScan UE’s adaptability shines through with its support for scanning both black and reflective surfaces. This flexibility extends its reach across a wide range of scanning applications, giving you the freedom to tackle diverse projects. Whether you’re scanning dark-colored automotive components or reflective aerospace parts, FreeScan UE rises to the challenge, providing consistent and accurate results across various materials. This versatility ensures that your scanning needs are met, no matter the complexity of the surface.

Efficiency at Its Best

With an impressive scan area of 510*520mm, FreeScan UE offers a broader field of view, optimizing scanning efficiency. Embrace smoother and faster scanning experiences, enabling you to accomplish more in less time. Its high efficiency empowers you to meet tight project deadlines and enhance overall productivity. From large-scale inspections to intricate details, FreeScan UE’s efficiency ensures that you can complete your scanning tasks with exceptional speed and precision.

Simplicity in Operation

Don’t let complexities hinder your progress. FreeScan UE boasts a user-friendly operating system complemented by simple software setup and guidance throughout the entire workflow. Effortlessly master the scanner’s operation and get to work with utmost ease. Its intuitive interface streamlines your scanning experience, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Say goodbye to steep learning curves and hello to straightforward operation with FreeScan UE.

Seamless Integration with Inspection Software

Enhance your inspection efficiency with FreeScan UE’s seamless integration into popular inspection software like Geomagic Control X and Verisurf Inspect. Import scan data with a single click, streamlining your inspection processes like never before. By eliminating unnecessary manual steps, FreeScan UE optimizes your workflow and reduces the likelihood of errors. With a smooth transition from scanning to inspection, you can maintain a seamless and productive workflow from start to finish.

Unleash the Power of FreeScan UE

Step into a new era of precision scanning with FreeScan UE. Revolutionize your inspection processes, empower your projects, and elevate your results with the ultimate blue laser handheld 3D scanner. Embrace metrology-class accuracy, unmatched reliability, and effortless operation. Let FreeScan UE be your trusted companion in the pursuit of perfection, and experience the transformation it brings to your scanning endeavors. Discover a world where precision meets simplicity and where accuracy leads to excellence. FreeScan UE is your gateway to a new dimension of 3D scanning capabilities.

Freescan UE

Freescan UE

Freescan UE

High accuracy & High Precision


Freescan UE Specifications

Scan ModeMultiple Lines ScanSingle Line Scan
Scan AccuracyMaximun 0.02mm
Volumetric Accuracy*0.02+0.04mm/m
Scan Speed860,000 points/s1,350,000 points/s
Working Distance500mm
Max. Scan Depth300mm-700mm
Max. Scan Range510mm*520mm
Spacial Distance between Points0.05mm-3mm
Light Source14 lines+1 line blue laser22 lines +1 line blue laser
Light CategoryClass 2M (eye safe)
Transmission ModeUSB 3.0
Working Temperature-20℃-40℃
Working Moisture10-90%
Recommended Computer ConfigurationSystem:Win10,64 bit;Grafic Card:NVIDIA Series,GTX1080 and higher;GPU Memory:≥4G;Processor:I7-8700;Memory:≥32GB

Note: Volumetric accuracy is the relationship between the accuracy of the 3D data and the size of the object, with a reduction in accuracy of 0.04 mm per 100 cm. the standard above is determined by measuring the sphere center distance by splicing the marker points

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