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3D Tooling Solutions increases companies’ ability to innovate, customize their products and quickly re-iterate for faster product development cycles, and it is likely to impact supply chains and products even more in the future. 

The production speed of 3D printed part is usually much faster than production of the same part in traditional methods, even up to 90 percent, that’s because the 3D printing demands less machining steps. It is also ideal for producing numerous iterations and making changes in the design of the part, enabling to facilitate flexibility and innovation. The increase in productivity leads to dramatic reduction of production cycle times.

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3D Tooling Solutions - 3D Scanning

3D tooling solutions , with its speed, portability, and versatility, enables production teams to make the required corrections to the tooling quickly and effectively, offering the possibility of reverse engineering the tooling that produces the good parts, performing periodic quality controls, and quickly resolving unexpected issues that may occur at any time.

3D scanner is beneficial for the mold and tool industry because it increases inspection sampling and saves time by measuring parts directly on the floor of production without having to bring them to the CMM.

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