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Geomagic® Essentials™

Geomagic Essentials
Geomagic Essentials

Geomagic® Essentials™ Software

Partnered Power: The Ultimate 3D Scan to CAD Solution

Bridging the Gap between 3D Scanning and CAD

Experience the seamless integration of 3D scanning and CAD with the dynamic partnership of 3D Systems and SHINING 3D. Our combined expertise brings you an all-in-one solution for your 3D scan to CAD needs.

Unlock the Full Potential: Geomagic Essentials Software

Empower your modeling workflow with Geomagic Essentials software. Extract all the necessary elements of a scanned part and seamlessly incorporate them into your CAD system. Geomagic Essentials acts as the bridge software that optimizes accuracy and efficiency, making the conversion of 3D scans to CAD easier than ever before.

Efficiency at Its Best: Low Total Cost of Ownership

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. Geomagic Essentials offers a low total cost of ownership, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. Maximize your productivity while minimizing expenses, making your scan-based modeling process highly efficient and cost-efficient.

Enhanced Journey and Experience

By leveraging Geomagic Essentials, you enhance the customer journey and experience. With streamlined 3D scan to CAD capabilities, you can provide faster and more accurate modeling solutions, exceeding customer expectations and leaving a lasting impression.

Discover the Transformation: Geomagic Essentials

Step into the future of scan-based modeling with Geomagic Essentials. Revolutionize your 3D scan to CAD workflow and tap into the full potential of your scanned data. Experience the power of a comprehensive solution designed to optimize efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Geomagic Essentials Software Features:

Scan-Native Application: Optimal Performance and Efficiency

Experience optimal performance and efficiency with our scan-native application. Benefit from optimized algorithms and workflows tailored specifically for scan-based modeling. Streamline your processes and achieve remarkable results with speed and precision.

High-Quality Scan Based Alignments for Accurate Results

Achieve high-quality scan-based alignments for precise modeling. Ensure proper registration and alignment of scan data, enhancing accuracy and maintaining the integrity of your models. Seamlessly integrate aligned scan data into your CAD environment for further analysis and refinement.

Automatic CAD Conversion: Simplify Your Workflow

Streamline your workflow with automatic CAD conversion. Save time and effort by automating the conversion process, allowing you to focus on design and creativity. Seamlessly transition from scan data to CAD models with ease and efficiency.

Automatic Mesh Healing for Flawless Results

Ensure flawless models with automatic mesh healing. Detect and repair imperfections and errors in your scan data automatically. Achieve clean and watertight meshes, ready for further refinement and manipulation.

Cross Sectioning: Detailed Curves and Sketch-Like Results

Unlock new insights with cross-sectioning capabilities. Obtain detailed curves and sketch-like results by sectioning your models. Visualize and analyze intricate details for improved design understanding and decision-making.

Industry-Standard Mesh Processing and Refinement

Leverage industry-standard mesh processing and refinement tools. Enhance the quality of your meshes through advanced algorithms and techniques. Achieve smooth surfaces, reduce noise, and optimize your scan data for accurate and precise modeling.

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