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ALL in One 3D Printer

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Zmorph Fab is a Multitool 3D Printer. It is a smart single or dual extruder 3D printer, professional CNC worktable with a simple solution for materials mounting and Thick Paste Extruder with a wide potential for experimental applications, materials, research, and custom decorations.

  • Single Extruder Toolhead 1.75
  • CNC Milling Toolhead
  • Single Extruder Toolhead 1.75
  • Dual Extruder Toolhead
  • CNC Milling Toolhead
  • Thick Paste Extruder Toolhead




ZMORPH FAB Specifications

3D Printing

3D printing technologyFFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
ToolheadsSingle Extruder Toolhead 1.75, Dual Extruder Toolhead
Layer resolution0.05 – 0.4 [mm] *
Maximum printing temperature250 [°C]
Work area235 x 250 x 165 [mm]
Maximum bed temperature100 [°C]
Dimensional accuracy+/- 0.2 [mm]
Work area leveling methodAutomatic, Manual
Material containerSpool, reel
Material diameter1.75 [mm]
Nozzle diameter0.4 [mm]
Support structuresMechanically and chemically removed – printed with the same material as the model
ConnectivityUSB, Ethernet, SD card
Available MaterialsABS, PLA, PETG
Third-party materialsApplicable
Work speed40 [mm/s]
Travel speed120 [mm/s]

CNC Milling

ToolheadCNC spindle
Spindle max power300 [W]
Noise70 [dB]
Work area leveling methodManual
Work area235 x 250 x 85 [mm] ***
Work speed0.1 ~ 20 [mm/s]
Travel speed120 [mm/s]
Available MaterialsPCB/FR4, Carbon, Textolite,
PVC, Plexi, PC, Dibond, Hips
Plywood, Beechwood
Tool holdingER-11 collet

Weight and Physical Dimensions

Printer without a spool holder520 x 500 x 450 [mm]
Printer with a spool holder520 x 500 x 570 [mm]
Printer with a HEPA filter570 x 500 x 570 [mm]
Dimensions of the transport box600 x 600 x 570 [mm]
Full set weight28.70 [kg]
Printer weight14.45 [kg]
Single Extruder Toolhead 1.75 weight0.70 [kg]
Dual Extruder Toolhead1.00 [kg]
CNC Milling Toolhead0.90 [kg]
Thick Paste Extruder Toolhead

0.60 [kg]

Temperature Parameters

Ambient Operation Temperature15 ~ 30 [°C]
Storage Temperature-10 ~ 40[°C]

Electrical Parameters

AC Input100 [VAC] ~ 4 [A] 50/60 [Hz] 240 [VAC] ~ 2 [A] 50/60 [Hz]
Maximum Power Consumption350 [W]
Power Consumption with single-head extruder220 [W]
Power Consumption with Dual-head extruder230 [W]
Power Consumption with CNC tool head330 [W]


Software BundleVoxelizer
Supported File Types.stl, .obj, .step, .dxf, .png, .bmp
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 7/10 (64 bit) (or higher) / macOS 10.13 (or higher)

Filtration Parameters

Filter typeHEPA/Carbon
Ventilation power1.54 [W]
Filter dimensions80 x 80 x 25 [mm]
Filter system dimensions85 x 85 x 50 [mm]
Filtration controlTemperature
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